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2023 is the least affordable year to buy a home in history.

Let us empower you to afford the home of your dreams again.

We use our tools to make your homebuying experience feel like its 2021 again.

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We Help You Make Homebuying Affordable Again

Connect with Existing Low Interest Rate Mortgages

Buy like it's 2021

High mortgage rates mean less bang for your buck - we help you overcome this.

Connect you to local knowledge

We connect you to a local Licensed Professional who partners with AffordAgain to find the perfect low-interest rate home for you. 

Transaction Management

AffordAgain's team offers our transaction experience to Licensed Professionals to make your home purchase as smooth as possible.  


Housing Affordability

Affordability has collapsed in less than a year.

In 2022 alone, the purchasing power of the average monthly mortgage payment declined by over $100,000. 

This has caused many people to feel "trapped" in their existing low-interest-rate mortgage. Families across America are delaying major life decisions like relocating, upsizing to welcome a new family member or downsizing to take advantage of retirement. 

Don't let high interest rates put your life on pause.


Take your low interest rate with you with
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Let’s Get Moving!

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